Professional Building Management Services in Melbourne, Australia

World-class,proactive, and personable service that puts the power back into your hands, to ensure your expectations are met, and your residents have aliving experience that’s second to none.

Whether You’re a Property Developer, Owners Corporation Manager, or an Owners Committee Member…

We take the burden off your shoulders by taking care of the day-to-day running of your building. This helps lift your building’s image and boosts sales. Your team can focus on their strengths, giving them greater flexibility to carry out the tasks at hand. You’ll enjoy a professional, proactive, and community-focused building management that looks after both your building and your residents.

Here’s How We Can Help Take Your Building to New Heights

Facilities and Building Management

Take advantage of competent, on-site, on-task, and on-time building managers that provide your residents with a premier living experience. Our managers are highly-trained and experienced, and provide a service that is second-to-none, to help support the day-to-day running of your building, so you can focus on your most important tasks.
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Skilled Concierge

Our highly-skilled proactive and professional Concierge will serve your residents, manage subcontractors, and help you set your building apart. They’re dedicated to elevating the living conditions of your building and creating a world-class living experience for your residents.
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Contract Cleaning

Our cleaners take pride in their work and go above and beyond to keep your residents happy by creating a safe, clean, and enjoyable environment. They offer scalable approaches to meet your every need, so you can rest assured your building is in professional and highly capable hands.

Interior Kitchen Renovation

Other Ways We Can Help You Manage Your Building Operations

Leave Coverage

Our Building Managers take the time to understand the different roles and resident needs, so you’ll have someone to fill in who’s experienced, competent, and committed to keep your building running smoothly, when one of your team goes on leave.

Community Management

We understand your dynamic community has ever-evolving needs and requirements. That’s why we take the time to understand these requirements, so we can supply you with a Building Manager who’s able to collaborate with support staff, residents, and committee members with open communication, to create a sense of community.

Development Consultation

Our team will help you set your project up for success by providing a deep and comprehensive project analysis, so you can ensure the facilities and buildings can deliver the experience as seemingly as it is envisioned.

Tender Negotiations

Getting the best value from your contractors, stakeholders and service providers is critical for maintaining high value and long term commercial agreements.  We’ll guide you through the tender, aid with negotiation, create KPIs and manage the relationship from start to finish in the best interest of your building.

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What They say about us

Our Testimonials

“It's just incredible. They make my job so much easier, particularly when it comes to reporting on building issues.  I've had a very positive experience with AssetBM.”

Owners Corporation manager for Victoria Square Apartments (452 Apartments)

“They go above and beyond, especially when we ask them to do extra tasks.”

General Manager for Melbourne Owners Corporation Services.

“They’re willing to listen and can solve problems straight away.”

Chairman of the OC committee

“New BM, new OC, new management”


“Like this place so much! Great service!”

“The Foyer/Lobby area is very clean and tidy and there is a faint scent in this area. The Chute is clean and works very well now. The apartment is changing a lot and getting better and better.”

Solutions expert, media commentator, keynote speaker and the driving force behind Australian Payroll Association

“New bm team, stunning city views, facilities are spectacular. Convenient location is close to everywhere.”


“The New Building Manager Fotios and his new conceirge team are very friendly and helpful! I have to say their services are much better than before!”

Home Finance Manager at Westpac

“The new AssetBM building management team cannot be better, With Fotios, Nicholas, and Patrick taking over the building since February 2022, the building has been revived, and it's been a blast to live in. The problems listed in the negative reviews (primarily targeted towards the old building management) are mostly solved. Facilities and Concierge are top-notch, and the best location there is Melbourne.”

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